“You can paint it any way you’d like.”

Spencer and Mom painting the stripes!

Spencer and Mom painting the stripes!

Jennifer and her son Spencer came in to the paint shop on a mission. Jennifer had given Spencer the OK to paint one wall in his bedroom any way he wanted to.

Personally, I love it when parents do this and then actually keep their word! Jennifer said she was expecting him to choose an electric bright green or a wild orange. But Spencer knew exactly what he wanted: a wall of stripes in his soccer team colors. Get ready: a royal-ish blue and a dark red. We went through many versions of reds and blues and settled on Evening Blue 2066-20 and Pomegranate AF-295.

“Oh, wait. There’s a closet door on that wall. What do you think? An Off-white.” No way, Mom! To keep with the team logo, the door would be either a bright true yellow or an honest-to-goodness shiny metallic gold. Guess which one Spencer chose.

Spencer showed up in the paint shop yesterday all smiles, with Mom and Dad Nick in tow. They love how it turned out, and they had a great time doing the process together.

Jennifer says to tell you, Readers, that the yellow Frog Tape was the key to the success of the project. Every line was straight and crisp.

Jennifer says this is Frogtape is the answer for painting stripes with no hassle.

Jennifer says this is Frogtape is the answer for painting stripes with no hassle.

Spencer doing his paint roller thing.

Spencer doing his paint roller thing.

Completed wall with the magical golden door! Way to go, Gang.

Completed wall with the amazing golden closet door! Now I want to see something magic happen on the other side of that door.


Love my job.


Staff Color Picks

This is where the men, and now moi, let the world know which colors we are loving this week. Then Joe analyzes everyone. It's a little intimidating.

This is where the men, and now moi, let the world know which colors we are loving this week. Then Joe analyzes everyone. It’s a little intimidating.


Here’s the Color Fave’s Report from Ardmore, PA, today.

Small Spaces Deserve a Color. Thank you.

For the last several years, in the world of interior painting on the east coast of the USA, the color Gray is big. Very big. Can you say Revere Pewter, Stonigton and Edgecomb Gray? A few minutes ago, a client took home a sample pint of Cape Hatteras Sand. She is making the shift from deep, rich red walls in her bedroom to a warm neutral. She’s thinking to add accents in teal, purple and yellow. I gave her my blessing, not that she needed it.

These details fascinate me; I get to witness and assist people in their life transformations. Color has a lot of power.

Small rooms  can handle rich colors.

Small rooms can handle rich colors.

I completely appreciate the beauty of the gray palette, I really do, but today’s Color Story is about Metallic Gold. In the flutter of customers gathering sample chips of Solitude and Fusion and Wish — all popular and lovely on the gray-scale — in walked 2 clients who gave me a chance to change focus. I’ll call her Pat, and her daughter-in-law whose name for this story is Matty, were transforming a living room and dining room.

Matty’s vision was a deep gold for the living room, and a shade or two lighter for the dining room. Pat was thinking of a pale tan and an off-white. “Those rooms are small!!” she said. Yaay! My chance to give my talk about small spaces:

Small rooms can absolutely carry a rich color. The idea is to make every room a glory to BE IN.

(I once painted the broom closet in my New Mexico house a bright, bright chartreuse. It was so over-the-top festive and fabulous I set a chair in it. When my friends or I needed an emergency dose of bright yellow-green to erase a negative thought or bad mood, that is where we sat. It worked.)

More details from Pat and Matty: they had a deep-color leather sofa set on order, and so I agreed with young Matty about going to a rich shade for the walls. We looked at several colors in the Benjamin Moore Preview Palette 2150 through 2164. They took home Metallic Gold and Burlap. (My photo doesn’t capture the rich tones. Must work of my photography issues.)

Pat was skeptical. This was a stretch for her, but two days later, she stopped in to tell me that she LOVED-LOVED-LOVED it!!!!   

 No fear. Let your small spaces sing with color.

New chapter in the “Working Artist” Book of Life: Color Consulting

A picture of the process of finding the exact right color for this client's room. More on this in another post.

A picture of the process of finding the exact right color for this client’s room. More on this in another post.


SO when your well-meaning parent/auntie/grandfather/friend says to you “Art? You want to be an artist? Are you crazy? How are you ever going to make a living?”, this is what you tell them:

The creative minds, eyes and hearts of artists are valuable, needed and used in every field, every minute of every day.

My own career has involved making thousands paintings and monoprints (and writing and performance work) in my different studios over the years in Santa Fe, where I lived for 20 years, and in Philly, my hometown. The sale of paintings has been a chunk of my income every. single. year. Outside of the studio, I’ve worked as a mural painter, a theatrical set designer, and arts & crafts consultant, and as a teaching artist in a long list of diverse venues.

AND NOW, I’ve said yes to Ricciardi Brothers Paint and Design and have become their newest Color Consultant. I’m embracing the world of PAINT & COLOR, two of my favorite worlds, in a whole new way.

Get ready for blog posts about this. I have stories galore already from in-store consults and in-home consults. It’s an amazing process and with each client it is a different path to finding the color that makes a room sing.

Being an artist is not boring. It’s a blessing.



My Secret Art Stash

IMG_1249 IMG_1205 IMG_1218

Birds -gouache 7x10 on paper

Birds -gouache 7×10 on paper

IMG_1235 IMG_1238 IMG_1257 IMG_1265 IMG_1263 IMG_1277 IMG_1275I’ve made a lot of gouache paintings that I have not shown ever to anyone. My canvases, monoytypes are out there – no problem. But these small paintings are so intimate – I’ve held onto them.  www.Etsy.com/shop/MayfieldMedia

I love the medium of opaque watercolors – I perceive gouache as the humble, non-threatening cousin of watercolors. I feel relaxed with gouache, and as we know, feeling relaxed let’s in all manner of Good.

So in my flat files are a large collection of 4×6 and 7×0 paintings on Arches watercolor paper, or on Rives rag. Paintings of Cosmic Dust, and Swirling Universes, and Birds, and Dwellings in Forests.

I’ve made an Etsy store and uploaded the images. And they are ready for their new homes. Please check out my new shop:


Please Like, Favorite, Comment as appropriate and feel free to pass the info along.

In Appreciation,




Spare Time

Hillary's china people

The prompt today at writing group is “SPARE TIME”. So I’ve written a list of my characters in the Mrs. Iptweet book and what I imagine are their favorite spare time activities. Now I’m sharing one of my own Spare Time things: I love to take pictures of any oddball thing I see. Somehow noticing the quirkiness that happens during the course of an “ordinary” day – as if such a thing existed – reminds me there is no such thing as an ordinary day.

via Spare Time.

Barbara Mayfield

The Kitchen Table is sacred space

I interviewed a highly-regarded, very famous doll artist once, for a radio show. When I asked her to describe her studio, she laughed and said, “The kitchen table.” Art can be made everywhere, everyday, no matter what. Here are a few of my 12×12 panels in progress.

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